first post.

Hello friends,

I will be using this blog to keep you up to date on my adventures through life. The first big adventure I’m embarking on is called College. The next big adventure I’m venturing into is studying abroad my first semester of college.

I will be studying abroad in London for the next 3 and half months. I am able to do this through FYSAE (first year study abroad experience), a program at my university, Arcadia. The picture below is the Princess Elizabeth House, where I will be living.


Isn’t is beautiful? I am so excited to live here. I will be living with 20 other FYSAE students and 33 other first years from two different colleges.

This week I have been staying in an apartment off campus (and sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress) with 19 other girls, some of which are Stirling FYSAE. I attended orientation and class this past week. The picture at the beginning is from a photo challenge in Philly when we took a trip there during orientation.

If you would like to mail me anything my address is:

Allison Canfield

Arcadia University London Centre

16/17 Southampton Place

London WC1A 2AJ  UK

I will try to keep this blog updated weekly, thanks for reading!


Adventurous Ally

ps – feel free to follow me on social media under the follow me section at the bottom of the page.


2 thoughts on “first post.

  1. Oh, how I miss Philadelphia when I read your exciting blog.
    From Day Care to Arcadia I watched and experienced you grow into an exciting, adventures and beautiful young woman. It brings great joy to follow your blog and then see you graduate!! Love, prayers and thoughts are with you at all times!


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