arrival in London.

Hello friends,

On Saturday we enjoyed a brunch at the castle, helped my roommate repack, and then  we loaded onto a bus and left Arcadia University to begin our adventure overseas. We said goodbye to our FYSAE friends going to Stirling once we arrived in Newark International Airport. We arrived 4 hours earlier than our new boarding time (due to a plane switch where the plane had come from).  We got all checked in and went through security in groups. I was in the last group and the security line was surprisingly short.

*These pictures look a little blurry to me, if blurry to you comment below please and I will make changes in the morning

While waiting to board it was not the best experience. There was only one plug in our general area which I haven’t experienced in an international airport. A loud alarm went off 3 times. I did enjoy some skinny pop popcorn, talking to my best friend on the phone for half an hour, and playing a round of cards.

At 10:30 we were able to board the plane. I have never flown Virgin, but I was instantly impressed and in love with the airplane. The seats were a pretty, comfortable looking red chair that came not only with the usual pillow and blanket, but also a package with toothpaste, a toothbrush, a pen, socks, eye mask, and ear plugs. I was seated between two other FYSAE girls. The dimmed lights were also a light purple color which I found interesting. I immediately went to sleep and woke up to the smell of dinner and was hungry, so I ate the lighter foods while watching  the movie Zootropolis. After dinner was thrown away I went back to sleep to awake to breakfast almost leaving my row. I ate the granola and two grapes while finishing the movie I had started earlier.

Once we landed we got into the Student Visa line and went rather quickly through immigration. Then got our luggage and met Emma from Arcadia. We were allowed to get some food. After about half an hour we left the airport on a bus and headed to the Princess Elizabeth House (PEH). The bus ride was around an hour and I mainly read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We had to stop down the hill from the house due to the narrow street and size of our bus. It was quite the struggle getting up the hill to the house with our luggage.

Once inside we got our keys and room numbers. I share a flat on the 2nd floor (3rd if I was in the US) with 4 other girls and I am the last bedroom in the hall. At the end there is a combined kitchen and lounge that is very narrow. Across from my room are 2 small bathrooms. My room is a square with a window across from the door. My bed sits in front of the window and came with bed linens which was a lovely surprise (I immediately put my blanket on it to make it more homey). To the right of my door is my desk with a cork board above it and beside the desk (and behind the door when it is open) is my closet that I decorated with pictures from home.

*These pictures look a little blurry to me, if blurry to you comment below please and I will make changes in the morning

We had about an hour to begin getting settled and I was so excited I never unpacked I just took everything in. At 2:30 we had a meeting in the kitchen of the big flat. We met the owners of PEH; Dawn, Michael, and Julie. We also met our RLAs; Rob and Andrew. Then we took the Tube to the Arcadia London Centre where we will have classes. It was so nice to take public transportation again because it’s so easy and I finally understand London’s (learning Spain’s metro from July 2015 really helped).


After a short presentation at the center we enjoyed dinner at Wagamama. I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai with Chicken Gyoza. I couldn’t pronounce Gyoza, but the waiter said everyone just says dumplings (which I didn’t get a picture of). The Pad Thai had a kick to it, but tasted so fresh with ingredients and flavors. The dumplings tasted even better with this chili garlic/soy sauce dipping sauce, there was a crunchy ingredient in the dumpling that I didn’t really enjoy.


Following dinner we made a quick stop at Primark and I purchased my towels. We took the Tube back to Archway which will be our usual Tube station. Then we took the bus up Highgate hill (it is huge, I’ll try to get a picture) and walked back to PEH. Once we got back I finally got settled and unpacked while watching Full House on Netflix (yes I meant to say Full House, the Netflix here has different options).

Stay tuned next Sunday for a post all about week 1 in London.


Adventurous Ally


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