London week 1.


As a group we took the Tube for the last time together to the London centre (the building/door from the image above), the next time will be on our own. I almost fell asleep from the jet lag during a Britishness lecture. After our lecture I went with a small group and explored London. My small group consisted of Anna (pronounced like Princess Anna from Frozen), Leah, Marisa, Melanie, and myself.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at Sainsbury. I had a spicy chicken panini that wasn’t spicy like the spicy chicken in the US, but it did have a little kick. It was very flavorful through the sauce and soft cooked peppers. Here’s Leah, Melanie, and me on the bus. I had already finished my lunch, I guess I was starving.


We visited London Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey.

After exploring, we ate at The Whittington Stone. It was an interesting experience because we had to go to the bar to order which we aren’t used to. I ordered this delicious mac and cheese that you see below. It tasted homemade and had a better texture than Kraft from America.


Following dinner we returned home, retrieved our shopping bags, and headed back out for groceries. We stopped at a Poundland (an equivalent to the dollar tree in the US) and a Sainsbury by our Tube stop. Here we are smiling from our successful trip to the store feeling the most grown up than we’ve ever felt.



We didn’t have to be anywhere until 11 am, so that threw me off a bit. I woke up at 8am to try and make myself eggs. I couldn’t understand how to turn the stove top on. I even read through the closest related manual which was for the oven, but had no luck.


I tried to turn it on a million times, until finally I held my finger to the button that definitely looked like an on button, and it turned on!!!

Around 10:45 am, my friend Anna and I left PEH for the London Centre. We miraculously found it on our own, turns out it is fairly easy to find. We made it to class with 1 minute to spare.

My Crucible of London professor (of my required class) took us, FYSAE, to the British Museum. We mainly focused on the Celts, Romans, and Anglo-Saxons. I realized I have an appreciation for what I learned from West Civ (thanks Mr. Rasmussen), even though I don’t remember everything.

Today I went shopping by myself to pick up dish soap and more groceries. I feel like a legit adult, finally. It’s so much nicer to go grocery shopping alone. I did buy a fresh baguette. It was so delicious, warm, and soft; I enjoyed it immensely.

I feel so blessed to be able to eat such great food. A part of me wants to stay in London for the fresher food alone.


It was rush hour when we got to the Tube. This meant the Tube was packed which made for a crowded yet interesting ride to see how many people could squeeze on. We thought we would be the last ones because of how close to 9:30 it was. Imagine our surprise when Anna and I were the 3rd and 4th person to arrive(the rest of our flat mates stopped for coffee) .

We did an ethnographic study today. My ethnography group consisted of myself, Caitlin, and Hannah from FYSAE and Talia, Kayleigh, and Joey (I don’t know how to spell her name but it’s pronounced like Joey) from Brandeis. Here’s our locations, can you guess?:



We got London Bridge to Tate Modern via Borough Market.

We arrived in the river entrance via park street and in front of us behind some trees was the Millennium Bridge and across that was St. Paul’s Cathedral so of course we took that detour. After going across and taking pictures we looped around to Tate Modern. We took a flight of stairs, two escalators, and a lift up to the 10th floor to see the view because it was free. Here’s the view:


We saw a few art pieces (see one example below), then walked back to Borough Market for lunch at Eatsheaf.

Tonight Arcadia paid for an Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. It was delicious treats with a phenomenal view while we drove around London.


We got to take a tour of the Senate House Library, as we are receiving a library card there. I’m very excited about it.

We had a lot of free time today before going to Matilda the Musical.



I locked myself out of my room this morning. I was let back in about 2 hours later and got changed in 5 minutes to be ready in time to go to Highgate Cemetery. This is the Cemetery where Karl Marx is buried.


Today we had more free time. I used mine to print my syllabi and pick up 2 books for my classes. Once home I played cards and had pizza with my flatmates Emelie and Anna plus Leah from the flat over. We played a game I had never played called Slap or Egyptian something (it depends on who you talk to) and all I learned was that my hand gets slapped and I am not very good at it.



This morning I explored Camden Market with Leah. We walked through the booths first before deciding on The Good Yard. I had this burrito with chicken, cheese, and healthy add ins like avocado, quinoa, tomatoes and more (I couldn’t name everything).

The next thing Leah and I did was tour Buckingham Palace. We had a 3:15 time slot. I left my room to get Leah at 2:16 and she was asleep when I got there. She quickly got ready and we left the residence at 2:25. Then we hustled over to the tube station, once on the tube I realized CityMapper* was bringing us to the wrong address (I honestly don’t know how). We were still getting off at the same station, but instead of exiting we needed to change lines. We successfully did that, then we sped walked as fast as we could through Green Park as it was now 3:10. We ran across the crosswalk because the light was .5 seconds from changing. I then stepped in a puddle of water. BUT WE MADE IT.


Unfortunately the Queen was at her summer home when we stopped by. Someone clearly forgot to tell her we were visiting. Sadly there were no pictures allowed inside either, but feel free to reach out to me if you want more details describing the Palace.

Following that we tried to find gelato, it was a fun experience because we were trying to find the Tube station via CityMapper while it was raining. We found it and throughly enjoyed it and by the time we were done the rain had stopped and we were ready to be home and eat some food. We had been out for 6 hours (4 1/2 being spent at the Palace).

*CityMapper is such an amazing and helpful app despite the Buckingham Palace mix up.


Today has been a wonderful day, despite some time confusion. It has been a sunny, beautiful, and perfect temperature day. I took a boat tour to Greenwich (one of London’s 32 boroughs) provided by Arcadia.

I went around Greenwich with Anna, Melanie, Marisa, Emelie, Lennon, and Kara (who eventually parted with us). We ate a Pie & Mash place, toured the Greenwich Market, and relaxed in the park before making our way home. I definitely want to come back to Greenwich.

Prayers would be appreciated as I begin classes next week. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to study abroad my first semester of college.

Until next week,

Adventurous Ally

ps- for more pictures see my Facebook (eventually I’ll have them all)


5 thoughts on “London week 1.

  1. Such a nice update Ally. Thank you so much for sharing. Prayers going out for you to have a great week as classes begin. Should be easy – you’ve been learning so much already and then teaching all of us reading your blog😀. God bless.

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  2. Oh man… “Leah was asleep when I got there”. I’m still sorry about that! I love you chica and I’m so glad we got to spend the weekend together! Here’s to this week of classes ☺ we got this!

    Liked by 1 person

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