London week 2.


My first day of college university was today (finally)!!

The day began with looking for my books at the Centre and then at the Senate House Library. I managed to find 3 of my 12934839 17 books. I bought all of them, but 3 more at the student fair. At the student fair I also registered to vote and received some free goodies (a bag and oyster card holders).

Finally at 2pm it was time for class. The class was the London Novel and we have to read I want to say 7 small books (one is bigger) over the semester. I love reading and we have plenty of time to read them so I’m excited to see how this plays out.  First up is Mrs. Dalloway.

We also got the assignment to be a flâneur. We also got out about an hour and 15 minutes early (yay!).

I’m writing this tonight and I honestly can’t remember why we got this assignment (it may be written down in my notebook, but I’m too comfortable to get up and get it).

It wasn’t really an exciting day besides school starting.


This morning was a beautiful sunny day, which I took full advantage of. I took my airplane blanket (the one I took for this purpose) in one hand and a bag packed with my planner and bible on my shoulder and took off for the nearest park, Waterlow Park. I relaxed, took in the sun, and got a little more organized. I also enjoyed time with God, which was much needed.

At 2pm I had my second class, London Stage in Text and Performance. It lasted for the entire 3 and 1/2 hours, it was quite long. Around the time we got out, it was rush hour. I got hit in the head by someone’s elbow and slowly crawled to the Tube entrance. I finally made it home and all was well.


Today class began at 9:30, so it was morning rush hour when we got to Archway at about 8:45. Anna, Claire, and I squeezed onto the Tube, it made for a longer ride because it was hot and stuffy, but we made it so all is well. I found our required class boring, so hopefully it will improve. It’s called the Crucible of London.

I had lunch at the ISH (International Student House) bar, I ate a Crispy Halloumi Salad served with Hummus and Pitta. I usually do not like hummus, but I really enjoyed it.



Following lunch I arrived 30 minutes early to my Sociology class (at you guessed it, 2pm). My professor, Chris, was engaging and interesting. I really enjoyed sociology. We even had a field study this first class. We went out around our area and observed the people. Our job was to decipher and describe the people, as well as what was acceptable/unacceptable in terms of social norms that aren’t spoken, but just done.

We finished around 5pm and I took off fast for the Tube and I think I just made it before Rush hour began. Praise God! I cooked for myself and got a surprise call from my mom to talk about Preview countries. Preview is like a global field study for Freshman during spring semester. We take a 2 credit class and then during Spring Break we visit the country our class is focused on. I’m interested in the Florence, Italy course that is about food.


I decided to do my flâneur assignment. The lady I followed brought me I believe to her work across from St. James Park, but around the corner a little ways is Piccadilly Circus where I just hopped on the Tube back to home.

I had London City of Art class at 2pm and I was unsure of staying in the class before this week, because I let the reality of the work scare me into thinking I couldn’t do it. I actually really enjoyed the hour and a half class together, because she cut it short to do our field study on our own. The short class was not the reason I stayed. I stayed because I like looking at art. I stayed because I want to change and grow and learn as a person. I think this is the perfect class for that.

I was craving a pizza for lunch, so Anna and I ordered some pizza from Abi’s pizza and got it delivered. I also made a late night ice cream run with Kellie (who will be in a picture on Friday).



I went grocery shopping this morning, and I learned this part of adult life is HARD. It’s definitely going to take some more planning and time to get everything worked out so that I don’t have to say “I need to get groceries” everyday. My hope from this trip is that I bought enough food to last 2 weeks for breakfast and dinner/lunch things.

I found a free festival to go to from Free Things to do in London this weekend on Time Out. It was the Camley St Harvest Festival 2016. It was hosted outside the Alara Cereals warehouse, about a 15 minute walk from Camden Town tube stop. I went with Leah and we were later joined by Anna, Kellie, and Marisa.

There was free food, free music, a bonfire, and Leah and I went on a free orchard tour. The orchard was a small green strip besides a store, right there in the city. We had a great time at this festival.


I woke up and read the entire play that I have to have finished by Tuesday. It’s the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. It was an easy read, but it will definitely by interesting to see on stage. There were few stage directions.

Emelie and I were about to leave for the Bermondsey Street Festival, but talked to a few people and gained Riley and Leah. We found the street festival after a few wrong turns, some stops, and a bit of walking.

It was amazing! There were street vendors selling things, giving things away, and advertising there product. It reminded me of a craft show, only outdoors. I got 2 free bags, a mug, and of course my blue balloon (that is now sadly no longer staying afloat). We walked the length of the festival and then headed to our next festival.

Journey to Shoreditch below.

The Urban Food Festival in Shoreditch was next.It wasn’t as busy as Bermondsey, but it had good food. I had a chicken doner wrap, which is Turkish. It was a little fatty, but very delicious.

At 8pm Riley and I left to go to a pub which is on my 100 things to do this semester list (coming soon in a blog post). We went to the Duke’s Head in Highgate, a short walk from our home. I did try some alcoholic beverages because I am legal age here. I tried a screwdriver and then spilled  half of it on me. I then tried a vodka cran with lime, which I liked because of the sourness. I am glad I got to experience this part of London’s culture. They normally drink to socialize, not to get drunk like in the States.


This morning I left around 11am with Anna and Emelie. We headed to Spitafields for a free Tango lesson. Emelie and I were partners while Anna took pictures and videos, so grateful to her for doing that. IT WAS SO FUN!

We enjoyed a nice lunch at a place called Giraffe. I had a beef brisket skillet with a fried egg. It was more of a breakfast item, but still flavorful and tasty.


I got all the way to Archway before I realized I didn’t I have enough time to go home and back to Archway before church. I went to Hillsong Church at 4pm at the Dominion Theatre in Central London. I was nervous on the Tube heading there by myself, but I knew I needed to do this for myself and my faith.

As soon as I walked out of the Tube station and saw the theatre right before my eyes saying “Hillsong Church” above the doors, I felt at peace and a smile came to my face. I tentatively entered and sat on the balcony. It was a new experience and I’m grateful for it.


The music kicked off with all Hillsong songs by a younger music team that I’m used to. They did awesome and the worship vibe was incredible. The message was a very interesting one about generosity, I enjoyed it and I can’t wait to go back.


Adventurous Ally




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