London week 3.


My London Novel class was meeting at Finchley Station to go to the Freud Museum. It was a little boring at first, but then we walked into the study which had the couch he saw patients in and a mirror on the ceiling. The mirror threw me off, but was there from an art exhibition. It changes, not sure how often. This one was called Self Reflection by Mark Wallinger.

I got a surprise package when I got back to the centre. It was a jar of pretzels from my wonderful Aunt Beth to go with my jams. It was interesting bringing it back home on the tube during rush hour. I’m very thankful for them though!



After making breakfast burritos for the freezer, I headed to the British Museum to observe a room and answer some questions for my art class. I chose to observe the Egyptian room not even realizing it was the room with the Rosetta Stone. So here it is.

My theatre class is a bit challenging because I don’t have a theatre background, I just enjoy watching it. I am trying to keep an open mind and learn lots, but it has been harder for this class.

We also were scheduled to see the Curious Incident of the Night-Time. The theatre was lovely and the play was interesting. It was overstimulated to have the audience feel as if they are in Christopher’s mind, which was new to me. I would recommend reading the book (or translated play) or seeing the play.



Our Crucible class (my only class at 9:30) met at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We were sorted into groups and were to observe the culture of the section we were assigned. I was assigned Britain from 1500-1760. I mainly learned they used the church to display their wealth.

I am officially participating in the CLC (co-curricular learning certificate). It is a program that will go on my transcript for completing 15 hours of work outside of school (or something like that). I am focusing on volunteering,which is something I did often at home.  I am happy to have the opportunity to continue volunteering abroad.

I then walked across the road from the London centre and had a delicious chicken, bacon, and avocado sandwich with OJ and chips from Eat while also reading my sociology readings before class.

We discussed social norms and had to go to the Tube to break them. The main thing I did to break a social norm was stand in the aisle between seats (which only happens during rush hour) right in front of a man, turned toward him. I also leaned a little bit in to point to stations on the map as if I didn’t know where I was going. He was not happy, which of course I didn’t notice. I’ll add the videos of it to Facebook for your enjoyment.


This morning I was home alone again in the flat which made me a little homesick and lonely. I visited the park near our house to take in the sun while reading for my art class later in the day and then a volunteer fair to see what else was out there.

In art, we visited the Courtauld Gallery and I loved the museum. I love looking at art. This museum was quiet (a nice contrast from the V & A museum and British museum from earlier in the week), personal, and beautiful.

I officially booked my flight to Prague and bus to Vienna for Reading Week, which I am going on with my friends Kellie, Kate, Hannah, and Abriel.


It was sunny again today and I wanted to take full advantage. I also have a quote in my room I made that says “enjoy the sun while it lasts” and I feel guilty not doing that.

I took the Tube to Hyde Park and read Mrs. Dalloway for class. I ended up reading about 20-30 pages before I walked around, got a little homesick (aka cried) (not sure why in a park) and prayed under a tree.

The euphoria of being abroad has worn off and not being able to see the people I love everyday to tell them all about my adventures day to day is tough. Despite this I did enjoy the park and the beautiful flowers.

Emelie cooked my chicken that I marinated last night (with her help and my chipotle sage jelly) while I cried and we talked about home. It’s so nice knowing I’m not alone. It seems like a lot of girls on FYSAE are missing home this week more than usual.

Doesn’t this chicken look delicious? Because it was.


Emelie, Lennon, Kara, and I made sandwiches for dinner to take with us to Primrose Hill to watch the sunset and have a picnic. It was a little chilly, but beautiful and totally worth it.

We then went to the Dutch Pancake House by the centre aka place with poffertjes aka home. This is what they looked like:


Not quite like home I thought, that’s okay I thought. Then I bit one. Not like home at all. Also not good. It was a disappointment, but I promised my flatmates I will make them real poffertjes and it makes me happy to share part of my home a little bit.


I left the house at 9am  for the Tower of London, free entry provided by Arcadia (yeah!). I got to see the crown jewels and they were beautiful (no pictures of them).

I met up with Leah and her dad. It was nice to see someone familiar from the States. It was a gorgeous day so we walked along the river.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant near the London Eye and then to Piccadilly Circus to get discounted theatre tickets. We saw Kinky Boots. I highly recommend it, the music and show was amazing.

I returned home at 10:30 after taking 25,000 wonderful steps. Today was a blast! I’m so grateful I got to spend it with my friend Leah!


Today was lazy. I watched a lot of Full House (original–it’s on netflix).

I did venture outside! I went with Emelie to the farmer’s market on Highgate Hill. I bought a lot of fresh produce for under £10!

I also booked my trip to Paris (Oct. 21-23) with my flatmates and another FYSAE girl, Zoe.

My wonderful friend Riley gave me some apple cider that she made in a travel cup to bring with me to church since I was already running late. ❤

I attended Hillsong church in Dominion Theatre at 4pm again. Today a guest pastor from Seattle spoke. It was a lovely message about being christ like and how being like Jesus should be our #1 priority.

I ask you this question he said, “What can I do to be more like Jesus?” I hope you’re more like Jesus this week.

Thank you for all the messages, prayers, and support. Hard to believe after next week I will have been here for a month. My dad visits in 2 weeks and I can’t wait. I miss home everyday.

Thanks for reading!


Adventurous Ally



2 thoughts on “London week 3.

  1. Hi Ally! I love reading your posts and keeping up with all that you are doing. Your pictures are awesome and I love your comments, you are such a good writer! We will all be here when you get back doing what we always do so have lots of fun while you are there and know that you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to take full advantage of. Take care and happy travels hon! Barb


    1. Thank you so much Barb! This means so much to me. I’ll keep that fact in mind and try to take full advantage of my time here.
      Blessings, Ally


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