100 things.

I have compiled a list of 100 things I want to do this semester while I’m abroad. It’s a bucket list/goals/to do list of sorts for this semester. Some of the items are things I planned on doing, one is from the list I made of things to do in 2016, some are suggestions, and some are just because I’m interested. Here is the list of 100 things:

  1. Befriend a local
  2. Visit Paris (Oct. 21-23)
  3. Visit Prague
  4. Visit Vienna
  5. Visit Budapest
  6. Visit Scotland (Dec. 15-16)
  7. Visit Amsterdam (Nov. 18-19)
  8. Visit Stonehenge (Dec. 3)
  9. Visit Bath (Dec. 3)
  10. Go to an England Soccer Game with my dad
  11. Start a blog
  12. Go ice skating in London (Dec. 1)
  13. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  14. Attend the Hamleys Parade (Nov. 20)
  15. Tour Buckingham palace
  16. Visit 7 museums in London (1. Tate Modern 2. British Museum 3. Courtauld Gallery 4. National Portrait Gallery 5. V & A 6. Freud Museum 7. Churchhill War Rooms )
  17. Go to the theatre 10 times (1. Matilda 2.Curious Incident 3. Kinky Boots 4. The Seagull 5.1984 6.The Entertainer 7. This House 8. Lion King 9. Mamma Mia 10. Aladdin)
  18. See a movie at the cinema
  19. Climb Petrin Hill in Prague
  20. Learn a few words in another language to make traveling easier
  21. Reach out to my London host family from 2012 & visit them (Nov. 27)
  22. Earn nothing less than a B
  23. Read a book for fun
  24. Go to a pub
  25. Hop on a double decker bus and sightsee London
  26. Shop on Oxford street
  27. Visit Trafalgar Square
  28. Visit Picadilly Circus
  29. Visit 8 different parks in London (1. Waterlow Park 2. Greenwich Park 3. Hyde Park 4. Regent’s Park  5. St. Jame’s Park 6. Green Park 7. Holland Park 8. Hampstead Heath)
  30. Get off the Tube at a random stop
  31. Eat at a cute local cafe in London
  32. Walk along the Thames River
  33. Visit the historic royal palaces in London (Tower of London (1,2) , Hampton Court (1), Kensington Palace (1,2), Kew Gardens (1), Banqueting House (1,2))
  34. Have a picnic in the park
  35. Learn to cook a new meal
  36. Finish Good Witch season 2, Gilmore Girls Revival and all of full house
  37. Eat a Full English breakfast
  38. Eat gelato before winter arrives
  39. Go to a farmers market
  40. Take the Tube by myself
  41. Try topping up for a month 
  42. Do my laundry when my basket gets full, not when I run out of clothes (this is because I extremely dislike laundry)
  43. Complete my homework before reading week so I can travel
  44. Find a church and attend
  45. Join a powerhouse group (first meeting yesterday!!!)
  46. Go on a Sound of Music Tour in Austria 
  47. Go on a guided walk
  48. Purchase something London-y (clothing)
  49. Buy succulents
  50. Go out every night after class for one school week (week 6)
  51. See the view from the top of Tate Modern
  52. See the view from the top of the Walkie Talkie building (Dec. 8)
  53. Visit Abbey Road
  54. Eat at 7 chain restaurants (1. Wagamama 2. Giraffe 3.Wahaca 4. Eat 5.Pret 6. Pizza Express 7.Nandos)
  55. Try one thing from Mcdonald’s (this one is for my friend Karissa)
  56. Eat a crepe (or several)
  57. Eat poffertjes
  58. Visit Notting Hill
  59. Try Chicken Tikka Masala
  60. Visit the Cereal Killer Cafe
  61. Learn to tango
  62. Attend NFL on Regent Street
  63. Write a letter to my future self
  64. Visit 4 different book shops (1. Bookmarks 2. London Review Bookshop 3. Foyles 4. Waterstones)
  65. Do the CLC program (volunteering at the soup kitchen)
  66. Ride the Waterloo and City line
  67. Have afternoon tea from a bus
  68. Visit Harrod’s
  69. Spend a Saturday morning at the Portobello Road Market
  70. Visit the Paddington Bear Shop in Paddington Station
  71. Eat a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich from Tesco (recommended by my Aunt)
  72. Walk across the Hungerford Footbridge at night
  73. See the Meridian Line in Greenwich
  74. Go to Disneyland Paris (Oct. 22)
  75. Try sticky toffee pudding
  76. Have a Sunday Roast (the national dish of England)
  77. Go to the Harry Potter Warner Bros studio tour decorated for Winter (Dec. 13)
  78. Visit Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam
  79. Have a thanksgiving feast with my flatmates
  80. Attend Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (Dec. 6)
  81. Read the London Evening Standard
  82. Visit the Liberty store & Pull and Bear
  83. Go to the England vs Spain soccer game
  84. Spend one whole day in the house relaxing
  85. Send a postcard 
  86. Visit a City Farm
  87.  Try a London delivery service
  88.  Eat a donut from Krispy Kreme
  89. See the sunset from Primrose Hill
  90. Attend Fresher’s Fair
  91. Eat a meat pie
  92. See the lights turn on at Oxford Street
  93. Visit a Christmas Market
  94. Get lost
  95. Dance in the rain
  96. Go to Primark 
  97. Tidy room at least once a week
  98.  Make new friends
  99.  Make memories
  100. HAVE FUN

Why 100 things?  Well when I first started the list there were exactly 100 days left in London.

Now there are 77 days and 23 hours until I return to the United States. My hope is that I use this list to explore London and make the most of my aboard experience.


Adventurous Ally


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