London week 4.


This morning I spent snuggled in bed reading Red Queen, a book my mother sent me. Don’t worry I did leave in the morning with Leah for the centre to work on our project, only to leave 15 minutes later because I forgot my book for class.

I made it back to the center with half an hour to spare so I ate a Tuna Melt sandwich from Pret a Manger to try that chain. It was not the greatest sandwich and I prefer Eat.

I then enjoyed a phone call from my new powerhouse connect group (CG), Debbie. She was very nice and answered any questions I had. Once home I talked  to Leah and got to FaceTime my Mom which always brightens my days.


This morning with the encouragement of my Aunt Beth I headed to Regent’s Park. I read Red Queen because at this point it was addicting. The flowers were pretty, but it was a little chilly.

After a while I headed to the centre because it wasn’t really sunny anymore and I was too cold. I met up with Leah and we presented our Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time presentation. We think it went well and Leah is super creative, she made this theme match the colors of Curious Incident.


It was my first college presentation and I think it couldn’t have gone better.

I returned home and finished my book (yay!). I then had free time to socialize with my friends Riley and Jenn.


I headed to class with Emelie and Leah, followed by an incredibly helpful time management session.

Leah and I got lunch at Sainsbury’s, where she taught me how to pack my bowl full to get the most food for £2.75.  It is a mix of cold pastas. It was really tasty and we enjoyed it outside.

I have decided to walk to Tottenham Court Road from the centre for more exercise, no standstill to get on the tube, no line change, and I get to walk by church.

Once home I made stir fry veggies and worked on homework. I talked to Leah again and friends back home while enjoying ice cream.


This morning was my volunteer morning at the Soup Kitchen! I was so excited. I really couldn’t understand the cook who isn’t the usual cook due to her accent. There a lot of information that I didn’t know and that wasn’t explained to me very well, so I felt overwhelmed. Especially because I was on coffee and tea duty and for those who know me know I don’t drink either nor know how to make it. By the end though I figured out many things and had enjoyed myself. I also met one of the managers, Alex, who was more helpful than the cook. I am excited to volunteer there in the future. It is the American International Church and they feed the homeless, poor, and lonely everyday except Wednesday and Sunday from 10am to 12pm. It was an amazing learning experience and I think what they’re doing is wonderful.

Click here if you would like to learn more information or donate. They also just got an Instagram so feel free to follow that here.


Following volunteering I went for lunch at Eat where I had there mac and cheese with breadcrumbs and jalapeños. It was a different texture and taste, but I enjoyed it.

I was craving something sweet and by a suggestion I went to the Bloomsbury farmer’s market where I enjoyed some homemade vanilla ice cream, it wasn’t the best I’ve had but it satisfied my craving.  After realizing there were 15 minutes until class I hustled my way back to school.

In City of Art I gave a presentation and got an A+!!!! I was so excited when I got the grade Friday. We visited the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square where I learned from the Evening Standard the thumbs up sculpture was unveiled that day and the artist wanted to bring positivity to London.

After I came home and had some strawberries and Nutella since I was going to Pizza Express with my CG at 7:15. I went to Waterlow Park with Emelie where we discovered a new part of the park (amazing), talked, and read. I read an article about how to overcome homesickness (it has gotten better and my dad is coming next weekend) and I’m excited to put some of the tips into practice.


At 6:15 I headed to the tube station and got off at Goodge Street to go to the Pizza Express. When I got out I discovered a big  (2 story) Paperchase that I reminded myself to visit sometime because I love stationary and this is like the ultimate London stationary store.

I ended up being 15 minutes early to Pizza Express and the Paperchase was only 5 minutes away walking so of course I went back. It was amazing and I felt at home (aka Target). I discovered lots of cute things and I just slowly browsed and I didn’t even make it to the 2nd floor.

At Pizza Express I met a ton of new people, too many amazing people to name since I don’t have a picture to put faces to names so you know who I’m talking about. I was instantly happy, laughing, and had a smile on my face. It was an amazing night, met some wonderful people, and ate delicious pizza. I can’t wait for the next CG on Thursday!

I was so happy afterwards I called my mom immediately to tell her the good news 🙂


It was sunny when I woke up, so I immediately texted Emelie and asked her if she wanted to go to a park with me. We chose to go to St. James’s Park and it was beautiful!

We walked around, saw some Buckingham Palace guards playing instruments, and observed pretty flowers. We only read a little bit of what we brought with us before heading to Fresher’s Fair.

At Fresher’s Fair I received tons of new goodies and ran into a Central College student studying abroad in London who I used to work with in Catering. Emelie and I also spent 30 minutes in the Waterstones bookstore.


I spent the evening relaxing. I chatted with Leah and FaceTimed Katelyn.


It was finally rainy so I recreated my umbrella and raincoat picture from March.


I went with Emelie and Lennon to Foyles a multi-story bookstore. I ended up browsing the YA fiction section where I discovered the next book in the Red Queen series, but I refrained from buying it.

For sociology class we had to go to NFL on Regent Street. It was a fun experience that made me appreciate football a little bit more, because I usually don’t like it.

I got to FaceTime mom again, because she texted asking which is my favorite thing.

Then I went to London Bridge station, took a train ride to South Bermondsey and met up with my CG for The Gathering, which a once a month thing. We worshipped and it was a fun experience.


This morning I went to Green Park with Leah. We heard commotion by Buckingham Palace so we went to check it out and discovered it was the beginning of the changing of the guard, we came to the park to read for class though so we returned to the lawn and read.

We were approached by an older guy from India. Both of us feeling uncomfortable faked having to leave. We were bummed our morning out was cut short, but we felt we needed to return home to feel safe.

I got some fresh produce at the farmer’s market nearby and then did some grocery shopping for the week. Following that Leah, Emelie and I went to church. It was nice to bring new people with me.

When we got home Emelie and I made fajitas and my flat minus Lennon plus Leah enjoyed them. They were delicious. I also managed to do my laundry and tidy my room. Anna also decorated our flat for Halloween.


This week was a less eventful one, but I have managed to create a routine to try this coming week. Prayers for more & better sleep would be appreciated as well as getting a routine in place so I can have more of a structured day to feel more at home. As they say in London, cheers!


Adventurous Ally


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