London week 5.


I woke up feeling so refreshed, so thank you prayer warriors!

Kellie and I went to the Frith Street Gallery for our art class, and it was an interesting exhibition of clouds.


I went to my London Novel class. We went to the square that the book, Saturday, was set on and where the author, Ian McEwan, lived. I also received a wonderful care package from my friend Rebecca, who I met 4 years ago on my people to people trip to the UK.


I made the executive decision to stay in and do homework. I managed to get a bunch of readings done, but also found out I bought the wrong tickets for a soccer game with my dad that really bummed me out, especially because the site wasn’t working to get the correct tickets.

I took the tube to my theatre class, and it finished about an hour early because we were going to see The Seagull that night. Instead of going home, since I was all dressed. I went with Leah, Hannah, Abriel, Zoe and Kat to a different Wahaca restaurant. Leah and I did get a little lost (and I used up my 1GB of data before we could find the place), but eventually found it!

After a long tough day, I finally made it home and went to sleep.


While walking to class this AM I realized yesterday was a test of faith. Monday was such a good day (and if you recall I posted that Praise the Lord picture). Tuesday was terrible for me and I really didn’t connect to God. I realized on my walk that in all moments you should praise God. I didn’t really do that yesterday, so it was an excellent learning experience in my faith.

In the Crucible class I was prepared for a guest speaker, and instead we watched Bend it Like Beckham. It was such a nice surprise, we also got snacks. It was amazing.

In the break I went to the Senate House Library and got some homework done. I really liked it and will hopefully study there again soon. I also got my phone topped up (yay!).

In sociology class we took a trip to Brixton to see the cultural changes, it has a heavy Jamaican influence.


I went to Camden Market with Kellie this morning and we had fun. Then we did homework and ate stir fry. Then we went to our City of Art class.

We visited this White Cube museum and it was so cool. It was also based on the human body and some of the art was interactive, which I loved.

Around 7:30 I took the Tube to Old Street for CG. CG was at Bounce and I played ping pong and chatted with people. It was a great night.

To end my night, I had a good phone call with my dad who had arrived to spend the weekend with me.


Adventurous Ally


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