weekend with dad.


I took the tube to get to my dad, we planned to meet at 9am. The tube had some closures and delays, but that didn’t get me down. I got a little lost, but he was the one to find me and I got a huge hug!

We walked a little bit, and decided to get him some breakfast from a place called Bonne Bouche. I got a pain au chocolat and dad got a bagel sandwich.

Afterwards we took the tube to piccadilly circus to purchase theatre tickets to Mamma Mia. Then we did a lot of walking! We walked to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Park, Churchill War Rooms museum, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, by the Thames River, across the Millennium Bridge and saw St. Paul’s Cathedral. We also took the National Rail service.

Following our tour of London,  we had a bite to eat at The Old Bell Tavern and then went to my home. I gave him the tour in person and we grabbed my stuff for the weekend and went to his hotel and prepared for the theatre.

We made it to Mamma Mia and indulged in some sea salt caramel chocolate. The show was so amazing. High energy and lots of singing to songs I love. Thank you Mom for passing along the love for ABBA. I also got a picture with the actor who payed Bill.

We took bus 23 home, and got to see London at night all light up from the top of the double decker bus in front.


We enjoyed a full english breakfast at the hotel. We took bus 23 to Portobello Road Market (bus 23 is becoming our favorite). The Market was amazing. It was big and unique and carried on for awhile.

Then we took the tube to Oxford Street and did some shopping. We took a break after the first store, H & M, to get dad some coffee and a little snack. We walked down the street and I introduced dad to Primark. The ultimate cheap store.

We took bus 23 home (told ya, becoming a favorite of ours) and prepared for the soccer game. We took the national rail to Wembley Stadium. We stopped at a pub, The Corner House, before the game and had some snacks of peanuts and crisps (chips to you Americans).

Then we had the game. It was so cool to see Wayne Rooney play in person and we had great seats! The game was great and England won 2-0.

We enjoyed food at Ye Old Cheshire Cheese Pub. It was a nice pub and I tried Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Since it was only 9pm we decided to cross another thing off my 100 things to do list and walked across both sides of the Hungerford Footbridge. Both views were very pretty and then we took a taxi cab to the hotel.


We did a quick visit to the Paddington Bear Shop and figured out where dad needed to go to take the Heathrow Express to the airport tomorrow morning.


We took the tube to Abbey Road, to cross off that tourist attraction. Then we walked a bit to a bus stop to go to Archway so I could take him to the Highgate Farmer’s Market that I always get my produce from on Sunday’s. It was a pleasure to show him part of my usual schedule.

We took the tube to Borough Market and Neal’s Yard Diary, but both were closed. So instead we went next door and I got some gelato (vanilla and cookie flavors) and hot chocolate and dad got a latte.

We then went next door to the Market Porter pub and I got a delicious cheese platter. Following that, we met outside Bank tube station to go on our Harry Potter walk with London Walks. The walk was all over the the square mile that is the City of London. I learned a lot about Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, and London itself.

We visited Harrods and got some chocolate. We also walked through Hyde Park, to the hotel before the movie. Then we went to Piccadilly Circus and went to see War on Everyone at the cinema at screen 7. It was smaller than expected (only 50 seats), but very nice and we enjoyed some popcorn.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with my dad. I’m so grateful and happy that he was able to visit me. I am sad that he left, but I’ll continue to enjoy my time in London because before I know it I will be home and reunited with him and my mom.


Adventurous Ally





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