London week 6.


I woke up early, 4:30 am to be precise and gave my dad a big ole hug before he left. I attempted to fall back asleep, but feeling rather lonely in what now felt like an unfamiliar place I decided to leave. I promptly fell asleep in my bed and felt right at home, especially with my t-shirt quilt from home that I had left in my room.

Later that morning I headed to the Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden Town with Kate and Kellie. I ordered the Luckiest Charms Cocktail, which honestly seemed just like a bowl of lucky charms with milk to me, but nevertheless it was delicious.

I decided that this would be my week out because it would help distract me from my dad leaving. I had a phone call with my dad as he was driving home. I did cry some after I hung up, but my great friends (Kellie and Kate) were right beside me to hug me and were wonderful at trying to make me feel better. I’m so thankful for them!

We, along with Abriel, went on a Jack the Ripper walk. This was a unique and insightful walk. I learned a lot about London in the past and about Jack the Ripper.


Nothing exciting happened in the morning, but after my London Stage class Emelie met me at the centre. After Emelie arrived we enjoyed dinner at Planet of the Grapes and got delicious bruschetta. It was very fresh and very filling.

We decided to go back to the centre, as the restaurant was just around the corner. We did a little homework and then got some more groceries at the big Sainsbury’s near the centre because the stores near our house have been out of peanut butter, and I was needing some peanut butter.


At the break between my morning and afternoon class Anna, Marisa, Emelie and I took the Tube to Leicester Square to get tickets for Aladdin after we got some donuts from Krispy Kreme. We splurged and bought stall tickets.

Sociology ended at 4pm and I debated going home before the theatre because of all the time I had. Mom helped convince me to go to the Library to stay true to my week out. Aladdin was only a short 15 minute walk and due to the time we had before the show, Emelie and I grabbed dinner at Ed’s Easy Diner. It was a wonderful American 50s diner. The food and milkshakes were delicious and the people who worked there were also really nice.

As for the show itself, it was INCREDIBLE. The view was so good. The set design was my absolute favorite from the beautiful reflected taj mahal background and the stars during the Whole New World Song. It made me really miss seeing stars. The actor who stole the show was the Genie. He was so funny and real. I loved when he was on stage.


I spent my morning putting off my responsibilities and watched some episodes of Full House in typical me fashion.

At 2pm I had city of art and we visited the Leighton House (it’s pronounced layton, but I say Leighton like the small town in Iowa). To get to the Leighton House we walked through Holland Park. The name itself just reminds me of home. I felt even more at home walking under the trees with the fallen leaves around. I felt like I was in Big Rock Park back in Pella.

Then I stayed at the centre before CG. We had a worship and prayer night. The first song Becky, a fabulous singer by the way, opened up with was Jesus, We Love You by Bethel. My best friend back home, Jalayna, and I listened to it all the time when we drove around before I left. I felt like I was back in the prayer furnace at 3rd church on a Sunday night at upper room. Those were my favorite nights, so this was a nice thought of home.


Today was an early morning to go paint balling, as in woke up at 6:15am early morning, haven’t done that since this summer. We took 2 tube lines into zone 6 and an uber. This was my first experience with Uber and it was so cool. I rode with Kellie.


Paint ball was so much fun and took the whole day, but was absolutely worth it. I’ve only been one other time. The courses and games were extremely amazing. I do have some nice welts and bruises though. To top it off the girls won!!!

Once home I took a nice shower and felt loads better, was beginning to feel tired. Then got into my pjs at 6:30, ate dinner with Emelie and then we spent the evening with Kate, Kellie, Hannah, and Abriel. It was a nice social time.


This morning was a rather relaxed one of sleeping in and slowly getting ready. At 10:30 am I left the flat with Emelie, Abriel, and Kate. We took the tube to Victoria and walked to a free chocolate market/festival thing near Sloane Square.

The vendors all had tasty looking food. I purchased freshly made chocolate with marshmallow fudge, milk chocolate drinking chocolate to make hot chocolate, delicious peanut butter, chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows, and Argentina style empanadas for lunch.

We had an hour to spare after going through the whole market and eating lunch before Abriel and I had to be at a certain tube station for a soccer game for sociology. We ended up exploring by just walking down random streets and talking.

It was definitely a different atmosphere than England vs Malta. It was an interesting experience to add to my study abroad experience.We had the option to leave at halftime and having a slight headache and an annoyance of the fans I took it.

Once home, I wrote 12 postcards to send home to the kids in the families I babysit. I made guacamole and ate that along with chicken and potatoes that Emelie had made from Thursday. Have I mentioned she’s great? Because she is.


This morning was very relaxed, I finally made time to read God’s Word and to meditate on it. This lead me to have a very relaxed, unstressed morning even though I needed to write a 1,500 worded essay for tomorrow.

I decided to make poffertjes for breakfast and they were delicious!

I continued to work on my essay and get frustrated by it, but that’s okay. Emelie and I made lunch of chicken (with a different seasoning) cheese, and guacamole. It was so tasty!

We then made our way to church and stayed for worship only. Why? Because we weren’t feeling the hipster christian vibe today. I miss 3rd church, well dressed people (and people of all ages for that matter), and pastor Kevin.

Once home, I began simmering apples on low heat to try to make applesauce. Making applesauce is a slow process, and more difficult without something useful to mash with. In the end it tasted okay, but was definitely not applesauce.

It was a fun week out keeping busy and distracting myself from my dad leaving. Thanks for reading!


Adventurous Ally


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