London week 7.


I almost brought my umbrella to school this morning with me like I always do, but decided not to. This was silly because it rained on the way home as it does when you forget your umbrella and rain coat. I did dance a little in the rain and we hurried to the Tube. Once on I accidentally fell twice because I wasn’t holding on.



In theatre class, we went to see 1984. We got to sit in the stalls which was awesome! It was an interesting show.


The Crucible class was in Camden Town, I took the bus with Emelie. We walked all over. Along the river by Regent’s Park was my favorite part.

Sociology we took a field trip to Oxford street and Emelie the true friend she is took the long bus ride home with me. We used the time to do some reading. She then cooked the vegetables I cut and made shrimp with adobo spice. It was absolutely delicious.



Before class I went to the London Review Bookshop with Emelie, it was a cute little bookstore.


For art class we took a field trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum. I walked around the Fashion Exhibition, which was really neat because it reminded me of my American Girl Dolls and their historic clothes.

Emelie and I went to Nando’s with Abriel and Claire, before the Everyday Sexism talk for Sociology.

The Everyday Sexism talk by Laura Bates (check out her webiste, was really moving, interesting, and eye-opening. Following that Emelie and I leisurely strolled the 2.2 miles to the Victoria Coach Station. We got checked in and then we boarded the bus and took off for Paris!


The overnight trip was quite an experience, from getting hot while we waited in the Chunnel, losing my glasses, and sleeping on and off. When we arrived in Paris at 8am Anna paid ,50€ for me to use the bathroom and get changed. It was quite an experience changing in the tiny stall with water on the floor.

We bought a 3 day métro pass for while we were there. We took the métro to a stop near the Eiffel Tower that the woman working at the métro told us how to get to. We stopped at a cute little cafe and enjoyed a french breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice (this was absolutely delicious), hot chocolate (very rich, like melted chocolate, my favorite), and a croissant.

We took pictures by the Eiffel Tower, made our way to the Arc de Triomphe, and then strolled down the Champs Élyseés. Emelie has been to Paris and recommended we get macaroons from Laudree. They were delicious, I got 6 and just finished the last one this morning.

We ate crepes at a creperie near our hostel. I had a ham and cheese crepe. Then we got checked into our hostel, Arty Hostel and Budget Hotel.

Emelie and I wanted to go sightseeing so we left the others at the hostel. We saw Norte Dame, Pointe Zero, Luxemburg Gardens, and the Pantheon.

We also feeling a little bold and adventurous (and map in hand) took a bus to the National Assembly and walked from there to the Eiffel Tower to meet the rest of the group to go up at night and then take a river cruise. Anna and Marisa were the only ones to show up,  but we had so much fun eating crepes for dinner, seeing the Eiffel Tower at night, and seeing lights of Paris. We also got to see a beautiful sunset!


We spent the WHOLE day at Disneyland Paris! It was such a fun day from meeting Marie, riding lots of rides, and seeing the firework show at the end. We also saw stars, which I had not seen since I left Pella. This made me so happy.


We waited for 2 hours to see the catacombs, but they were pretty cool. In the line I met Eva and Kate, 2 girls from Liverpool in Paris for a school trip. The catacombs were so neat to, all the bones lined up. I slowly walked through it with Marisa.

After the catacombs, I had a crepe for lunch and we met Anna at the Louvre. I have great crowd navigator skills, that my mom told me came from her, and I got right front and centre to see the Mona Lisa. It was such a great experience to see something you always hear about in person. I also had no idea how huge the Louvre was!

We headed back towards the hostel to get our stuff. We stumbled upon a used book market and ate dinner across the street. Most things are closed Sunday we found out. I had a dinner of ham and french fries.

Then we took the métro one last time to the bus station, where we hung out as a big group. Then we boarded the bus at 10pm and took off at 10:30pm towards London. I am sad to be leaving, but excited to get back to my home away from home (even it means lots of work is waiting for me).


Adventurous Ally


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