London week 8.


I arrived back from Paris to my home away from home around 7:30am. It was so nice to be home. I decided I needed to be productive instead of sleep, so I unpacked and bought groceries for 4 days (since I would be leaving again for reading week). After I got all ready I made homemade biscuits from a recipe that I learned in a foods class in high school (thanks Mrs. V!). It was a very messy process, but very fun especially having Full House play in the background. Sadly I took no pictures and my hands were too dirty to do so (sorry mom!).

My favorite part of the day was that I got to FaceTime both my parents to interview them for my sociology class and to catch up on life in general. I’ll be honest, I’m counting down the days until I see them and hug them again in person (though I just changed it to be until I leave London so I know how much time I have left).


I have lots of midterms and stuff to finish so I really didn’t do anything but go to class. The only exciting things about this day was that I received my mistakenly ordered tickets for England vs. Spain (which I’m now excited to be seeing with Kellie) and got out of class early.

I take the bus to and from school these days, so here are a few pictures from my daily sites.


Emelie and I arrived to Crucible class via bus with time to spare so we stopped in Eat where I purchased hot chocolate. How cute? I like really rich hot chocolate (so basically melted chocolate), but this wasn’t that bad.


Break between my two classes was filled with printing reading week tickets, a halfway point meeting with program adviser (How is it already halfway over?!), and eating a delicious ham and cheese toastie from Eat (can you tell I love Eat yet?) with popcorn and a chocolate croissant.



We visited the Tate Modern again for art class and that was interesting to see new exhibits.

Instead of heading home I headed back to the centre and got right to work on my City of Art midterm. I am so proud of myself because I finished it at 7pm and was able to turn it in hard copy like she wanted us to.

On my way out I heard music, once I rounded the corner I heard it clearer. They were playing “Take Me Home Country Roads”. Yes I ran across the street to take a video (after I looked both ways, don’t worry mom) and soak up this little reminder of home (family in West Virginia, I’m thinking of you).

I finished my night with packing, theatre mid term, and calls to both my parents.

Next post includes all about my 10 day travel trip through Prague, Vienna, and Budapest with 4 other gal pals for reading week! Thanks for reading!


Adventurous Ally


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