reading week.

Reading week is a week off of school for fall break at Uni here in the UK. It’s usually for catching up on work, but most of my work was due before it so I decided to travel. I with 4 other girls traveled for 10 days to 3 countries. It was so much fun! Read on to see where we went and what we did.


Started off the 10 day adventure with only 2 hours of sleep, but nonetheless we made it to the airport via Uber with plenty of time. I indulged in fresh OJ, croissant, and chocolate croissant.


Next up was boarding the plane, I had heard many horror stories and other crazy things about Ryanair that made me a little nervous to be flying it. I absolutely loved it, no problems whatsoever! I put on my noise canceling headphones (thanks dad) and fell right asleep until we landed in Prague. No problems getting into the country, the best part was I got a stamp in my passport.

We took the Airport Express bus into the city, we looked out the windows and took in the scenery where fall and the beautiful colors that come with it was all around us.

Hannah the expert Yelp user found us a cute cafe called Cafe Louvre for us to eat at. I devoured rich hot chocolate, apple cake, orange juice, and a Czech breakfast of ham, cheese and bread.

It was quite the adventure figuring out the public metro system, because the ticket machines only took coins. To acquire some coins we stopped at a market we had passed earlier and purchased souvenirs and gifts. Then used the metro to get to our Airbnb.

At night we saw the Dancing House and had authentic Czech food. A good end to a good first day.

We had trdlo, another Czech food for breakfast and then saw amazing views of Prague on our way to Prague Castle. We decided to see the John Lennon Wall, Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, and the statue of 2 men peeing at each other.

We explored Prague Castle, my favorite part was Golden Lane because of the rooms they had set up for us to view. It was a good day 2.

We began day 3 at a place called Bakeshop for breakfast. Afterwards we toured the Old Jewish Cemetery. We also took a boat cruise, before we made it to the boat cruise we found a public outdoor art area and took pictures with all the fun statues.

To end our day we purchased dinner at Tesco and then trekked up Petrin Hill for even more gorgeous views. We went up Petrin Tower and the sunset view from the back of the tower reminded me of home. A great end to another good day.

Prague was gorgeous and my favorite country of the three.


Our bus to Vienna left at 7:30 am, but the bus was double decker and very comfy. The view along the countryside was very pretty. We took the metro to the city center and saw St. Stephens Cathedral and had pizza for lunch.

Our first stop was to Belvedere Palace. It was so relaxing to just stroll through the grounds and look at the pretty building.

We dressed ourselves as mermaids for Halloween, using crimped hair from braids and eyeshadow. We also had burgers for dinner and then walked around a little bit before heading to the hostel.

Our second morning in Vienna was spent trekking through the beautiful fall gardens of Schonbrunn Palace.

We took the Ringstrasse to see all the major sites and then tried to visit a market, but it just so happened to be All Saint’s Day and everything was closed. We picked up pizza near the hostel and hung out in the room.

Hannah and I planned to go to Salzburg on our last day in Vienna for a Sound of Music tour because we both loved the musical. The tour was so much fun! We saw the beautiful lake where Maria and the kids fell in, the gazebo from “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”, the church where the wedding took place, and the Mirabell Gardens where a majority of “Do-Re-Mi” was shot.

Salzburg trip was so beautiful and so much fun! We also made it back in time to watch the ballet at the National Opera House. The dancing was amazing and the costumes beautiful.

We didn’t leave for Budapest until 11 am so we toured the inside of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, picked up souvenirs, and I got to visit Demel Bakery (recommended by my Aunt Beth). The bakery smelled like Vander Ploeg from home.


We arrived in Budapest at 2pm and used the metro to get to our Airbnb. Our Airbnb was adorable. I shared the room with all the books with Kellie. After we got a little settled we took Tram 2 to Europa Cafe for hot chocolate and cake. It was dark on the way home, but it was absolutely gorgeous! Last on day 1 we picked up some groceries near the Airbnb and made burgers and more for a delicious dinner. It was so fun to sit around a table eating a meal we took while chatting and having a great time.

We walked along the Danube River and around Buda Castle. This made me very excited because we found St. Mathias church which was the building that I became obsessed with on the other side of the river because of it’s pretty patterned roof.

We spent the day exploring and walking around before getting to eat at Ahoy!.  I ate hot chocolate and a waffle.

Kellie, Kate, and I explored Budapest at night to see everything lit up. It was so pretty and a lot of fun. The 2nd day was fun to see all the sights.

Our last morning was a relaxing one that was spent at the Central Market Hall. It had lots of vendors selling paprika, lace, and little trinkets.

We decided to go on a boat tour, which was a lot of fun and we got two free drinks. The pictures below also show of the places we saw before the tour.

For our last meal we ate at the Budapest Bistro. It was another good meal of just enjoying each other’s company and chatting for a long time. It was a great way to end such a great trip.

On Sunday Nov. 6 we had a very early morning and boarded WizzAir and made it safely back to Archway. I spent the day unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning my room, and only stressing a little because I still have so much to see and do before I leave (which is fast approaching)!

Thanks for reading all about my exciting week off. I feel so blessed that I was able to go on such a fun trip with good friends. I will admit it was very nice to come back to my home away from home. Time has begun to start moving faster it feels. Before I know it I’ll be back home. I am going to try my best to make the most of my time left (40 days left when I got back from reading week).

For more awesome and beautiful pictures check out my Facebook albums from each country!


Adventurous Ally


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