London week 10.

When I returned from reading week I had the realization that I only had 6 weeks left in London. 6! That’s going to fly, I had a bit of a freakout realizing there is still so much I have yet to do, but with some deep breaths and reminders from loved ones, I know I’ll be okay and will make the most of the next 6 weeks. It’s now down to 5 which is even crazier, but excited to see where the next month and week lead me. Can I be honest though? Since I’ve reached the halfway point, I am in a bit of a rut. I’m ready to be home with loved ones and family, but at the same time I want more time to do everything.

Before the week started I attended the lights turning on for Oxford Street with Kate. It was such a fun experience to countdown and see them turn on.



I had been reading about how London was dark when you woke up and dark when before you left work, which worried me just a bit because I NEED sunshine. I love the sun. So imagine my surprise when I woke up to sunshine! I sat right in front of my window taking in the sun and the Word of God. I loved it!

The most exciting part of my day was scheduling my classes and realizing that I have another semester with no classes on Friday! Yay!  I am signed up to take an Education class, English 101, Mathematical concepts 1, First-year seminar about sleuthing, and my preview course called Global Rome. Through my Preview class (which is a first year program at Arcadia), I will be going to Rome for spring break and the class will finish up on April 7 (so says my email).


This morning Riley and I had planned to eat breakfast at The Haberdashery. A cute cafe about 20 minutes away. We enjoyed a delicious full English breakfast with hot drinks for only £8.95 because we ate before 10am. My hot drink was rich hot chocolate with marshmallows. Our waiter was from Philly (Riley wore a Philly hat, so that’s how we found that out) and he was awesome because when I asked for no mushrooms he asked if I would like avocado instead. All in all such a great morning, eating good food and enjoying good company.

We saw this cute shop called Gift and went inside. I found washi tape and my day was made even more! I bought 5 christmas washi tape roles.


At the end of the day I saw The Entertainer for theatre class, but I got really hot and didn’t feel well, so I watched from the back. It was my favorite play so far, probably because it had singing and dancing.



This morning class was supposed to be in Brixton, but due to some train faults we had to meet at the centre at 10:30am. With extra time Emelie and I stopped at our favorite place, Eat. I enjoyed a morning snack of mango with lime and chocolate croissant. For lunch we decided to try something new, we found this tucked away thai place.


After my second class Leah and I were set to see The Lion King. We had dinner at this little place called Crown before the show. The show was absolutely amazing! It was such a fun evening.



I volunteered at the soup kitchen this morning and had a different experience than the first time. I set up the tables and chairs, cut pears, handed out bread, helped cook lunch, dished out lunch, put desserts together, and helped clean some cabinets. I  got to know the head chef Georgie a little better which was awesome. I’m so excited to be going back Thanksgiving Day and the Monday after that weekend. It’s so fun!

After volunteering I quickly grabbed Chicken Pho from Eat because my throat was beginning to hurt and headed to the centre for a group meeting. One of our Glenside professors was visiting so we also got cookies and tea. The cookies were delicious.

After class I headed to Oxford Street to meet my powerhouse group. It was lovely to see everyone, 3 weeks was definitely too long. We were smaller tonight, but walked to Carnaby Street and enjoyed the lights turning on. It was a lot of fun to countdown again, but it was definitely different than Oxford Street lights turning on. Afterwards we ate at the Carnaby Burger Co. and I ate a tasty bbq burger and fries. It was such a fun evening.


I woke up not feeling well, have been all week. I used my international student insurance to make a doctor’s appointment to see what was up since I have been feeling feverish and had a sore throat. It was a beautiful day though, so to take it in the sun I read for school.


At 3pm I had my appointment at the Holborn Medical Centre. Praise the Lord that nothing is severely wrong with me. I can’t remember exactly what I have, but to get better I only need to rest and drink lots of fluids. It was weird going by myself for something other than a checkup in a foreign country to the doctor. The doctor was very friendly and it was a unique experience.

Later I went back out for groceries and then picked up some McDonald’s for dinner to cross it off my list. It was a relaxing evening watching full house and fall hallmark movies.


Due to needing to rest. I spent the whole day in my pajamas in my room watching movies. It’s hard being sick away from home, but it was a relaxing day. I also made delicious pancakes for breakfast, enjoyed pizza for lunch, finished my pretzels, and was given cookies from Anna.


To get some fresh air I went to the farmer’s market with Anna and picked up some vegetables.


I got a surprise text from Kellie to come sew up my scarf, it is now hole free, it was very sweet.


Then she, Hannah, Kate, and I went to Primrose Hill and enjoyed the sunset. It was a beautiful evening.


Despite being sick, it was a busy fun filled week. Time is flying and I’m so excited to see what the next few weeks hold for me.


Adventurous Ally


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