London week 12.


This was my catch up day a bit. I did laundry, finished my essay, bought groceries, and cleaned my room.

To cross something off my list I went to Tesco’s for a sweetcorn and tuna sandwich with sweet chili crisps. I also made a paper chain countdown thing, but it fit perfectly over my windows so I’m leaving it instead of tearing them off. Class also got out early so it was a very good day!



This morning I went with Kate and Riley to Piccadilly Circus to complete are Novel assignment to juxtapose quotes from the book we read. I wanted some of my own pictures and the police decided to photobomb my picture. I loved it!

Afterwards I went to Kensington Palace and used my membership card to get in. I loved the fashion things on display and then seeing Victoria’s side because of the colorful walls.

To end my day I saw the lights at Covent Garden and the Strand. I enjoy looking at christmas lights. Then I saw This House. It was my last play/ theatre show and it was a great one to end on. I have loved seeing so many shows. Silly me forgot to take a picture in front of the theatre like always (you’d think I’d remember after doing it 9 times before) so hopefully the selfie with my intermission ice cream counts!


For Crucible class we visited St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. We sat in this circle room and I know how cliche this sounds, but it was so peaceful. We chatted about how our generation can help people and did a few group exercises to get to know each other in a deeper way.

After class I had dinner with Emelie at Jamon Jamon and finally got my croquettes again (aka my favorite Spanish food ever, followed closely by churros). We also saw the lights on Regent Street and Bond Street (though we were not at the right place for Bond Street, oh well)!


Happy Thanksgiving! I started my day volunteering again at the soup kitchen. I enjoyed giving back on such a thankful day. I handed out treats, did the coffee/tea for a few minutes while Leah went into the kitchen (when I realized for the second time I still don’t know how to make either drink well), and helped plate food with Georgie.

When I got back at the centre before class, Mom facetimed me. I got to chat with the whole family on this special holiday. Then I did this weird thing where I went to class for 3 hours because Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in the United Kingdom. We visited the Tate Britain Museum which was very cool.


I came home and at 8pm my flatmates (plus half of the big flat) and I had our own Thanksgiving feast. My flatmate Kara is amazing and cooked a majority of the meal. I’m so thankful that we could have so much food and enjoy each other’s company.


I volunteered at the soup kitchen to organize the pantry and put away the huge food donation they received on Thursday. Kristen a girl from the Bloomburg company helped me. I think it turned out great. My organizing self was happy.

I decided to see the Banqueting House and it was fun to just lie there on a bean bag and stare at Rubens work on the ceiling. Then I dropped by the Southbank Christmas Market, rode the Waterloo and City Line, and visited the Mayfair Christmas Market. The Waterloo and City Line is a line that only goes from Waterloo to Bank.

I came home for lunch and didn’t want to waste such a sunny day so I visited the Kentish Town City Farm where I saw 1 cow and 1 pig. I am definitely not in Iowa! I saw some goats, sheep, and horses. It was such a contrast to see the animals and watch a train go by in the background. Before heading home for the day I saw the sunset over Waterlow Park.

My friend Olivia, who is in the Stirling FYSAE program, arrived for her visit and spent the evening catching up.



This morning was spent being a tourist again, which I love! Emelie, Kara, Olivia, Kayla (another Stirling FYSAE), and I hit the city. It was a blast. We went to Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. We also ran into Kirsten, another friend from Stirling. We had sushi for lunch, my first time. We stopped by the Leicester Square Christmas Market and I got my chocolate kebab!

Though I had a blast with Olivia and Kayla. The best part of my day was carrying on with the family tradition of picking out the Christmas tree. I facetimed the family and mom held me out to see all the tress. I will miss decorating the house for Christmas, but I decorated my dorm a bit to make up for it.

We grabbed fast food for dinner and ate it on the steps of a building, we got a lot of weird looks. Then we went to two pubs. It was nice to stand around a table just spending time together.


I had such a lovely day in Lewes, England visiting my host family from 2012! I watched Hal play soccer football, enjoyed a home cooked delicious meal, learned a magic trick, and just caught up and reminisced. We have all changed and grown in the last 4 years, but I’m so grateful we had today to meet up again.


Thanks for taking the time to read! I had such a lovely week, it was definitely one of my favorites. So much to be thankful for. Stay tuned for last time at the soup kitchen, Christmas at Kew, ice skating, another palace, and a day trip.


Adventurous Ally


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