London week 13.


I spent my morning at the soup kitchen, this was my last time. I got to butter the bread and dish out soup. It was such a nice way to end my volunteering. The best part was a man in a bright yellow coat had such a positive, happy mood and reminded us to never give up!



On the Arcadia England Fall page there was a post about how if you go to a Pizza Express and say “free snowball doughballs” you get them for free. I took full advantage before class. They were delicious.


Between classes, Emelie and I visited Neal’s Yard which is this tucked away colorful part of London. Right nearby is also a Neal’s Yard Diary, also know as the place with the most delicious fresh cheese! We also enjoyed pizza for lunch at Wedge Issue. I think they have the best pizza, perfectly thin and crispy. The best part was we got to take a newer London bus where you can get on/off from either the front, middle, or back of the bus.

Tonight Emelie and I went to Kew Gardens to attend Christmas at Kew. Getting there was quite an interesting adventure due to a very delayed train.We walked through the Gardens that were so beautifully lit with different displays. My favorite one was the five circle fire pits that went from five golden rings to a partridge in a pear tree of the 12 days of Christmas song. I also got to roast a marshmallow! This warmed me up a little bit because it was very cold out.


Happy December! I helped decorate the little fake tree we have at the Arcadia centre, in return I got delicious hot chocolate and a mince pie. A mince pie is a British pastry with dried fruits inside. It’s delicious!

The best part of the day was getting to ice skate at the Somerset House. It was such a fun night just doing something I would do at home this time of year and with most of the friends I made here.


To do something with my day I went to Hampstead Heath and saw the London skyline from the top of Parliament Hill. I like the Primrose Hill view better, but I’m still appreciative that London is even my view. I will admit after seeing the photos again I realized it was a bit foggy too, which probably didn’t help.

Before heading home again I stopped by the centre for my mail. It was a care package from my mom that contained several different goodies. I was so happy and grateful, thanks Mom!


I woke up before dawn and headed to the centre to board the bus for my day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. I walked around with Emelie, Amanda, Kara, and Marisa. We walked through the museum and then around the Stones. They were definitely big and unique to be so big and standing like they were.

Then we loaded back on the bus and headed to Bath. Bath was crazy busy because of the Christmas market going on. I saw the Abbey, the Circus, the Royal Crescent, and the Roman Baths. It was so much fun and very beautiful. The sunset was probably my favorite part after seeing the Roman Baths.


This morning using my flatmates key to get out of the house, I went to Greenwich. I saw the Meridian Line and the coca cola Christmas truck. It was such a nice day and I saw frost!



Thank you for reading and following along. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for low stress as deadlines approach for finals and for leaving. Sending love to friends and family back home!


Adventurous Ally





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