London week 14.


Today before class I visited Notting Hill, which is an area of London that has colored houses, which I love!

I had my last ever novel class, crazy how fast time flew.


For some fun at night after working on finals all day, I went to an RLA event that was being put on which was to ride the Observation Wheel at Winter Wonderland. The best way to describe Winter Wonderland is that it is like an amusement park that emphasizes Christmas with lots of food and a Christmas market (for my Iowa readers it reminded me of the Iowa State Fair a little, only smaller).

I walked around the market and rode the wheel with some girls from a different school since I had come alone. It was fun to be able to see the whole layout of it and see some of London from up top.


The morning was spent in class, buying a sweatshirt for only 80p, and eating lunch by myself in a restaurant for the first time. People give you pity looks which is silly because I just wanted a good burger and fries.


After classes finished for the day Emelie cooked us shrimp and with my noodles we ate shrimp pasta. Then I finished my first final!!


Kellie and I went to Sky Garden this morning, the view was so beautiful! You could see for miles. We walked all around and enjoyed hot chocolate and treats.

I went to my very last CG and we split into groups and handed out things to the homeless, like socks, blankets, hats, gloves, and food.

It got kind of late so with a bag in hand I headed home to Archway to give the bag to Jimmy who sits outside on the steps to Archway. I knew his name from my friend Riley who had befriended him. He was so kind and touched by what I had given him. When I left he told me God Bless and I left with a smile on my face and that being the highlight of my day. That night I learned how to treat homeless a little better because they’re humans too and deserve love just like everyone else.


Emelie and I went to the centre to pet the dogs they brought in, Amber and Benny. Here is a picture of Amber. IMG_0221.JPG

I worked on finals all day and then  went grocery shopping for the last time, which was sad.


I spent the day working on a paper with Riley, but ended up not being as productive as planned and eating very badly causing me to feel yucky. At the end of the day I started packing and watched a movie as I cleaned out my “junk drawer” that held my extra toiletries to receipts to souvenirs to papers from Arcadia.


I worked on finals in the morning and then went to Trafalgar Square where I watched some carolers. Then I headed to the Banqueting House to stare at the gorgeous ceiling. I also watched the sunset along the Thames and around Westminster Abbey.

At 5pm I met some members of my connect group for the last time, it was lovely to just sit and chat. I cannot imagine what my semester would have been like without them. I’m so thankful to have met them.


This week was full of finals and rushing around to make sure I accomplished everything on my list. It was a stressful week for sure, but a fun one nonetheless. I’m so grateful!


Adventurous Ally


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