London week 15.


I spent the day with Riley at Hampton Court Palace. It was big, beautiful, and a little maze like. The center portion is under construction so the routes are different to get to different portions. It was fun to learn about some history and see things how they would be a while ago. The best part was the beautiful gardens!

One of my flatmates, Kara, got us gifts so we opened those and we all got onesies. Mine is light blue with penguins and it is perfect!



Riley and I went to The Haberdashery again for our last Tuesday morning cafe visit. I had a productive morning of returning my library books, visiting Kensington Palace again, and visiting the Tower of London.

The end of my day though was something I have been looking forward to, which was my visit to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour. It was so fun to see it decorated for Christmas. I loved going back into the world of Harry Potter, the magic came alive again.


When I got home we had a FYSAE Christmas Party where we handed out superlatives (I won best navigator) and decorated cookies. It was so fun to decorate, laugh, and chat. I’m really going to miss them.


Today was a productive day of giving a presentation, shipping a package, finishing an essay, and taking a test.

Said goodbye to the centre!



Early in the morning Emelie and I tried to get an Uber to the airport or at least the train station and it didn’t work which was very frustrating. We ended up taking the tube to Liverpool Street Station and then took the Stansted Express. Our flight for Scotland arrived at 10:25am and we met our friend Olivia closer to noon.

We spent the early afternoon walking through the Edinburgh Christmas Market and around Old Town. Scotland is very beautiful. We then took the train to Stirling where Olivia lives on campus at the University of Stirling. We met her flat mate Mairi, it was so relaxing just to sit and talk. We ended our day watching The Holiday.



Emelie and I had a 2pm flight back to London which required us to leave Olivia’s dorm around 10am. We had breakfast and said our goodbyes.

I wrote my last essay throughout the day on the bus, train, tram, airport, airplane, train, tube, and finally my flat where I submitted it. I spent the rest of the evening talking to different flatmates before finally making myself pack at 10pm and finishing just after midnight.


Said goodbye to PEH, my room, and FYSAE. It has been such a great semester and I am sad to see it end. London will forever have a place in my heart.

When I arrived in Newark, I was amazed at how much love I received from my new friend’s parents when mine were not there. The best way to describe it would be through the words of Emelie’s dad,”you looked so happy, I thought your parents had surprised you at the airport”.

Riley and her mom gave me snacks for my airplane rides tomorrow, Leah’s parents gave me big hugs, briefly said hello to Anna’s parents, hugged Abriel’s mom, Kate, and Kellie. Of course I cannot forget Emelie’s parents who kindly gave me a ride to my hotel! I am so amazed at how close strangers 4 months ago can become some of your closest friends. I can’t wait to see them again in January.


My first flight was delayed and landed 20 minutes before my next flight was supposed to take off. Once I was off the plane I ran through the airport to switch terminals, which that was quite an adventure in itself. Concourse C is very far from Concourse F in the O’Hare airport. Bless escalators for the brief period of rest because running through the airport is not what it looks like on TV especially when carrying a heavy backpack, blanket, and rolling a carry on suitcase. By the Grace of God I made it to my gate with 2 minutes to spare! They had not started boarding because this flight was also slightly delayed, but I made my connection! I was so happy.

When I landed my parents, sisters, and best friend were at the airport to pick me up! It was so great to see them all again.

I am slowly getting readjusted to Central time zone, colder weather, and reverse culture shock. Thank you for following along with this adventure. Until next time!


Adventurous Ally



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