one month update.

Hello Friends, it’s been awhile.

I have missed blogging and recently have been bored on campus, so picking up my old favorite thing from London felt like a good choice.

About a month ago I moved into the small dorm I call home for this semester in Glenside, Pennsylvania. My dad and I split the 16 hour drive, with me driving most of the way. We unloaded what felt like way too much stuff and moved it into the room where I began the process of putting it all away.

Since that day I have started classes, made some new friends, and joined a few clubs. I also have three days of scheduled workouts with my friend Kellie which I love.

I am taking 5 classes and by the GOG (grace of God) I have no classes on Friday! I take Teaching for Learning, Science, Sleuthing and Sherlock, Mathematical Concepts 1, English 101, and Preview. Preview is a two credit course about the globalization of Rome. As part of the class we are heading to Rome for Spring Break! I am very excited for this opportunity.

I joined ACF (Arcadia Christian Fellowship) and absolutely love it. I joined the Spanish Club, Arcadia for a Better Community (volunteering with their events), Education Club, and Roteract. I made new friends through my clubs and a few classes.

I have adjusted, but still figuring out what to do on the weekends and how to best manage my time this semester. So far for fun I spent a whole day at the King of Prussia Mall, played midnight bingo, watched Moana with friends, took a trip into the city, and spent a weekend at grandma’s.

Leah Mangold (FYSAE) and I went into the city on Saturday morning to visit the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. It was a beautiful and unique work of art. We also had some good barbecue for lunch.


Thanks for reading! Look out for a post about my weekend with GP and this past weekend at the Jubilee Conference.


Adventurous Ally


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