weekend at GP’s.

I enjoyed visiting my grandma, GP, the weekend of the 10th of February. Arcadia had a snow day Thursday so I was able to leave at 2 pm instead of the planned 4 pm. I hit a little traffic but made the 3-hour drive to GP’s house in good time.

That night she fed me her chili which was delicious and filling. We also watched the Indiana vs Purdue basketball. I am not a huge sports fan so it was much more entertaining to hear GP yelling at the team because she gets pretty into it.

On Friday I got my Eggo waffles which I was so happy about. We did a few errands around Alexandria, GP had her nap, and that night we went to our favorite restaurant, Via Veneto.


Saturday we got manis and pedis done at a very nice spa. It was very relaxing and now I’m ready for spring with light blue nails and bright pink toenails. She took her nap and I avoided my homework. We played several rounds of Yahtzee and Racko! I love games, so this was one of my favorite parts. I made us my most beloved recipe, chicken stir-fry. It was so fun to cook again!

On Sunday, we spent the morning in her front room reading. Just being in her presence and together was satisfying enough to me. For lunch we brought Five Guys home to eat, so delicious. GP impressively ate a two-patty burger. At 12 pm I left GP’s house. 😦

I drove across town and picked up my friend Hannah, from FYSAE who was also home that weekend and lives in Alexandria. I most likely would have gone in a couple of circles trying to get out of the DC area if it weren’t for her! We made it safely back to college and I had to do my homework, what a bummer.

Anyways, it was a great weekend with my grandma that I am so grateful for. I don’t know when I will be visiting next, but I can’t wait!


Adventurous Ally





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