my new home.


The other day my friend Kellie told me she noticed that I’m not as homesick this semester. She wanted to know if I thought there was a specific reason why.

I think the answer is that Arcadia feels like home. I will live here 8 months out of the year (that’s over half)! Which is a crazy fact to think about.

I found my new church. I’m connected to the Christian ministry on campus. I made new friends, and hang out with a few FYSAE ones all the time. Β The campus is beautiful.

There are also some cozy study spots as well. My favorite spots are the commons, library, and Kellie’s room. My room is good too, but I can hardly study in it. It’s better for relaxing and movie watching.

I am so glad this is the place I will be for the next three years and get my degree from!


Adventurous Ally

ps- Thanks for introducing me to the school Aunt Beth!


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