preview: Rome.

Rome was beautiful! Gelato everyday? yes, please!

Day 1

We landed in Rome at 12:30 pm and boarded a bus with our tour guide of the day, Renato. My bus buddy (and new close friend) was Johanna.

IMG_1259After dropping our stuff off at the hotel we took off on foot to stop number 1: Termini. Termini station was about 10 minutes from our hotel (though it was not the closest stop) and we got handed our metro tickets, took out our Euros, and order our first gelato: pear & pistachio.

Afterwards, we took the metro somewhere and walked to all the touristy stuff. The highlights we saw were the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navano, and the Colosseum. We learned so much about Rome and it’s history from Renato.

By the time we passed the Colosseum it was about 7 pm and we were starving! We finally made it to the restaurant, where we were treated with a delicious full meal. We had some salad, bruschetta, and supplí (my FAV!) for appetizers. We also got our own individual pizzas. I could only eat half of my margherita pizza, it was big! Following this we also got some dessert, also delicious.


We took the metro three stops to our home stop, Castro Pretorio. I went straight to bed because I was exhausted and we had another long day full of walking ahead.

Day 2

We started today at Circo Massimo and walked up to Giardino degli Aranci, which is a beautiful orange garden with great views of Rome.

IMG_1537We walked through three different markets. One was a typical market I’ve seen around Europe. The other seemed like one only locals go to (was not as crowded and more handmade items). The third was a small urban market and after one walk through there was plenty of time for lunch. Johanna and I walked around and found a place with paninis. They were so yummy.

After this, we all walked to the Victor Emmanuel Statue, only about half the students stayed to see the views. Man was the view incredible! Rome is a gorgeous city. So many beautiful buildings and historical aspects.

We ate dinner at a recommended place by the hotel. It was delicious and had homemade noodles. Afterwards, Johanna, Morgan, Alicia, and I took the metro and walked around the Colosseum at night. It was relaxing and fun. Plus I got to touch, hug, and take a rock from it. When we got back to our neighborhood we got gelato at a place near the hotel. This time I tried strawberry, I loved it.

Day 3

Today was the Colosseum day! It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience getting to walk around inside. We also explored the Roman Forum too.

Our afternoon activity was exploring the EUR neighborhood with an Arcadia staff member, Raffaele. It was a Mussolini designed neighborhood, that is now a business district. I also presented on it for my group’s project, if you have any questions.

Day 4

This morning I got to use a map of Rome to navigate our group to the metro stop, Repubblica. We were on our way to the Vatican!

It was so cool to see the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. They were beautiful. I happened to walk through the entire Vatican Museum before I realized I went the wrong way and had to turn all the way around to get to the Basilica. I got to see it, so it all worked out.


Afterwards a few of us went with our two professors and explored a path that one of the teachers had mapped out. We got to see an incredible view of Rome.  We also ended up getting lost and taking a different way, but it was so fun. We got to see a lot of different things that I would not have seen if I were on my own.


At the end of the day, Johanna and I ate at Mama Angela’s where I tried Carbonara and was not a big fan. It was fun just us two.


Day four was probably my favorite day.

Day 5

We had a lecture in a classroom at a University in Rome. Then we went on a neighborhood walk through Garbatella. On our walk, a kind man gave us some of his own delicious fresh bread. He was so sweet.


At the end of our walk we were at Eataly. Eataly was a bit overwhelming, but there was lots of good Italian food. I picked up a cookbook, pasta, pasta sauce, chocolate, and olive oil.

That night we had plans to have another tour with the Pantheon, but we happened to be late and our guide had left. I did go into the Pantheon, which is it’s own experience.

After the Pantheon, we got a few souvenirs. Then ate dinner. I had suppli, which is my favorite Italian food I tried. It is so so so good.


Day 6

We started today at the Villa Borghese to answer some questions over our experience so far. It was a beautiful sunny day.

After our class time, a couple of us ate at a cafe by the Spanish Steps. Then went shopping in the shops near the Trevi Fountain because the shops near the Spanish Steps are too expensive.

It was shortly after that last picture that I remembered my water bottle that I forgot in the restaurant. When Johanna and I walked back to go get it, we got caught in a some sort of march for the soccer game later that day.

To end our last day, Johanna and I watched the sunset over Rome from the Orange Blossoms Gardens as we ate dinner.



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