2nd semester final thoughts.

Clearly, I did not keep up with blogging when I was in PA. I thought I would blog with more free time (and less pressure to do things in my city). Sadly, I did not write because every day was the same mundane routine, but lots of fun. The best part of the routine was dinner at 6 pm every night (minus Mondays) in the dining hall with my four pals. The second best part was attending small group at 6 pm on Mondays for ACF.

Some other fun things that happened over the semester after I stopped blogging (besides Spring Break in Rome). There was so much goodness and joy. (I got free ice cream and water ice on the same day!) The first was attending the Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh with ACF, it is a beautiful city. 


Second, was getting to visit GP (my grandma) for the second (and sadly final) time this semester after spring break for a quick weekend trip. 


Third, I got to volunteer at Aids for Friends with ACF and then go on a little walking mural tour around Philadelphia. Fourth, I got to spend Easter afternoon at my friend Kate’s house and her mom gave me an Easter basket. I almost cried on the spot from the kindness and thoughtfulness. The fifth was seeing the Mowgli’s perform live for Spring Fling Weekend and attending an art festival on the same rainy day.  


The sixth was a $5 Phillies game! 


The best and final fun thing was getting to celebrate my birthday early with my friends. We went mini golfing, enjoyed homemade ice cream, and ate at my favorite place: Humpty’s Dumplings.


As I write this and recall second semester, I keep remembering the fun, spontaneous and little things. For instances, my walks with Kellie, sitting by the creek, watching movies in Hannah and Kellie’s room, doing homework on Harber Green, and shopping with mom. I really enjoyed my time in Glenside and it definitely feels like home. I have made many new friends and joined some wonderful clubs. I also found a great church, Gracepoint, which I am excited to keep attending for the next three years. So far I have enjoyed being home for the summer, but I am patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for next semester to begin. I will be the secretary of Rotaract, VP of the Education Club, and a FYSAE mentor. Who knows how the fall semester will turn out, but I am hoping it will be another good one.

On a very happy note, I finished the semester with a 3.93 GPA putting me on the Dean’s Distinguished Honors List.


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